There's more to a casino than you might think.
We offer a huge range of choice including table games, slot machines, restaurants, bars, free entertainment and live sport fixtures.
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In our 24/7 world, the choice really is yours! From our vibrant casino floor to our stylish bars and restaurants, offering top class sport, entertainment and nightlife.

– Casino Atlantic Agadir, is number one, no matter what you're looking for at all times of the day.

Casino Atlantic Agadir


Sophisticated cocktail soiree? A raucous after party that goes into the wee hours?

Casino Atlantic Agadir


Discover a world of entertainment, with live music, seasonal events, party nights and social functions taking place throughout the week at Casino Agadir.

Casino Atlantic Agadir


Watch all the big sporting occasions with us

Welcome To Casinop agadir
Casino Atlantic Agadir


We’ve got something to cater for all tastes, restaurant offering a menu filled with steaks, poultry, seafood and vegan delights

Casino Atlantic Agadir


With the largest casino floor in Agadir, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to gaming.

Casino Atlantic Agadir


Casino Atlantic Agadir offers a variety of cash games 7 days a week.


Yes you can. The random nature of casino games gives you every chance to overcome the odds; You basically just have to be lucky. The fact that the odds are against you means that you almost certainly lose in the long run, but it is quite possible to win in the short term.

All casino games are based primarily on luck, and many games are based solely on luck. In some games, however, an element of strategy is involved. Although there is no game in which you can use strategy to overcome the house edge, there are games where you can effectively minimize the effects of the edge by playing the way “right”.

Some people assume that playing casino games is foolish because you are likely to lose money. However, this ignores the fact that they can be a lot of fun. Many players consider it as a form of entertainment to try old and new casinos and the chance to win money just adds to the excitement. Any lost money is essentially considered as the cost of entertainment.

Casino winnings are taxable in some parts of the world but not in others. It may also depend on whether you live in the country where you play or if you are visiting overseas. Other factors may include the amount won and whether you play online or at a land-based venue. If you win a large amount, then you should probably seek advice from a qualified professional about any tax liability you may have.


to play with

Points are rewarded based on game type, table minimum and time played. Simply present your Infinity Rewards card to your dealer when you sit down at the table, and at the end of your session of play, your points will be calculated. Points can also be earned by inserting your card at a multi-game terminal.

The loyalty program offers three tiers of membership (Gold, Ruby, and Diamond) with each tier unlocking a new realm of benefits. Your points status is reviewed every six months giving you the greatest chance to progress through each tier.

Infinity Rewardsin 4 steps

Infinity Rewards is Casino Atlantic's loyalty program. This membership lets you earn points as you play so that you can redeem exclusive offers on dining, accommodation, gifts, and much, much more!


Access to VIP ROOMS


Promotional Chips

All Included



Surprises gifts

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There's more to a casino than you might think.
We offer a huge range of choice including table games, slot machines, restaurants, bars, free entertainment and live sport fixtures.
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